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Wild Coast is a luxury cannabis brand highlighting the pristine beauty of California's central coast and the artisanal cannabis cultivated throughout the region. They are going for a high-end and exciting logo to capture and evoke the joy and pleasure that comes with adventures along the coast.

The brand identity centres around the location of the beaches of California. The logo contains the sunset behind the rocky mountains in the wild sea. The visual identity is underpinned by the core proposition “Wild Coast”. This can be accompanied by a suite of creative headlines such as “crafted by the water,” and “a wild connection”. The colour palette is a nod to the companies unique location. Highlights in bright orange reference the sunset, whilst a bespoke suite of earthy tones combine the sea and mountains.

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Wild Coast - Ideas.jpg
Wild Coast - Ideas 5.jpg

The complete branding can be dynamic, using a different point of view each time as the 'background' of the logo, that can be used as a pattern at the same time.

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