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Anker 1

Not sure where to go? Looking for validation & connection? We have more choice than ever before, but I don’t see people any happier. What I see is a collective state of insecurity. In the approval economy, our behaviours have never been more subject to the external approval we believe either will or won’t accompany them. Brands make sure that people believe others will approve of them if they use their products.


The internet takes everyone and everything,  your interests, friends, lives, insecurities   and exposes them to everyone else, eroding our certainty about ideas both frivolous and dire. I am not claiming I am fixing anything, because I’m not. My goal is to open your eyes and see the world as it is, and not what it isn’t. I want to open your eyes to what is so obvious, I speak the truth and only the truth. My mission is not to hurt you, nor to mislead you, but to face reality and discover who you truly are. Let's make something that is you.

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