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This design needed to be trusting, comforting and show mutual respect. Inspired by how peaceful our cats and dogs sleep that we care so much about, I helped transform BrayStone's identity into a wholesome, natural and suiting brand.


It is unclear just how far back pet-keeping goes. Ever since humans have had dogs around, keeping a pet has become a common part of many cultures. It may seem strange when you consider that it is a costly business. Pets get meals, healthcare and a home for life. Though they clearly provide companionship. Because we are such a social species, we are constantly seeking relationship with others – including with our pets. It is only fair to give our beloved pets a respected end when they die.

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While loving our pets is something we do every day, it's sad to see them go. The only way to do this project justice would be to create something respectful, to pet owners and pets. This will make sense to anyone who has had a pet, anytime in their life. Surely this will make sense to anyone who has felt that emptiness all around them.


The brand identity centres around the two most common pets, cats and dogs. A brown colour palette of earthy tones and concrete grey is a nod to a cemetery. Whilst communicating something that has been, it also communicates a wholesome message; 'The love for our pets never dies'.

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